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Polk and Associates Law Office march on a path of integrity, service, support, understanding, commitment, and compassion every step of the way. The moment you contact our firm, you will feel comfortable and welcomed by our professional and friendly staff. We has substantial experience representing clients in personal injury, criminal and traffic defense, civil litigation, family law, divorce, child support and visitation, estate planning & probate, debt collection, and much more. 

Our main goal is to put our client’s needs and best interests first. We will fight, argue, and stand up for your legal rights. If you are seeking a knowledgeable lawyer that upholds the highest standards of legal and professional ethics, then you should contact our firm. Whether it’s in a court room, creating documents, or negotiating, our attorney's first goal is to make sure that he zealously represents his client. We care deeply about our clients and every aspect of their legal issue.

We understand that facing a legal issue is often overwhelming and can be intimidating and stressful. Whether you are facing a divorce, criminal charges, traffic offense or some other legal matter, we are here to help you navigate the legal process, step by step. Having the right firm on your side to stand up and fight for you and your rights can ease your anxiety while maximizing your chances of success.

It's an important part of our practice to be committed to resolving our clients’ legal issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our mission is to give your legal issue the attention that it deserves and we will tailor our approach to meet your needs. We firmly beleive being accessible to answer basic legal questions and to provide an overview of the process and costs is really important to people who need legal representation. 

We offer quality legal representation at a reasonable cost throughout Virginia. We do not make promises unless we’re confident in our ability to be able to keep them. If you are in need of legal representation or information, call us today for a free initial 30 minute phone consultations. We will be happy to speak to you.  

Your issue may be time sensitive, so don't hesitate. 

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